Can a Nexus 7 tablet handle my MBA work load?

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So, I am going to keep notes here about using a Nexus 7 tablet to do my homework and all the rest of my course work during my MBA at UPEI.

My goal is to use only the Nexus 7 to do all of my school work.

I begin my Masters of Business Administration at the University of Prince Edward Island in September 2012.   UPEI recently switched to Gmail & Google Docs which makes this proposition easier to imagine.  Since the Nexus 7 is built by Google it should be a snap.  My secret weapon might turn out to be dictating to my Nexus 7 which will type my speech into text. Will speech-to-text work in my car? Will I need an external keyboard for typing long papers? Is the campus wi-fi going to hold up for me in all my classes? We shall see.

I pre-ordered my Nexus exactly seven days ago.

It should arrive within the next two weeks according to the buzz on Twitter.


6 thoughts on “Can a Nexus 7 tablet handle my MBA work load?

  1. Hi Ken, I was thinking of doing the same thing about using the Nexus 7 to do the majority of note taking and some essay writing for university(first year at U of Winnipeg). I am anxious to see how it works for you(holding off buying the nexus at the moment). Although I’m almost convinced just to buy it and give it a go myself. I look forward to see how it works out for ya.

    • Thanks for your comments!
      I think I’ll be able to read a lot on the Nexus7. When it comes to creating documents the bluetooth keyboard should allow me to type well and I’m hoping to be using Google Docs offline – we’ll see how that works. If the gods are smiling on me then the voice recognition will allow me to dictate text. If I can dictate text while driving in my car that will kick up my productivity! I will be testing all these things and blogging about what I find.

        • The 16Gb, pre-ordered from Google Play. Wanted lots of room for music I already have in MP3 format. It plays FLAC audio files which are larger.

          • one last question lol, Are you able to listen to music while using any the other apps or while on the internet?